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Virtualization services: what they are, how they work and why adopt them

Virtualization services: what they are, how they work and why adopt them

Why today it is essential to have a company virtualization system​

Modern corporate IT infrastructures increasingly require operational tools and technologies capable of processing a huge amount of data, increasing computing power and memory capacity. In other words, they need to rationalize the entire IT system by limiting the storage of data on physical machines and by undertaking a process of virtualization of operating systems and physical servers.
Just imagine how functional and efficient it could be to have a single central resource, a single physical support capable of carrying out the work of several machines at the same time, cutting down excess servers and physical workstations and proportionally increasing productivity times, with consequent reduction of costs.

All this is made possible by the virtualization process, that is to say a particular technology that allows you to abstract the physical components (hardware) in order to make them usable in the form of virtual resources (software). This approach has radically changed the IT landscape, revolutionizing the way of disposing and using IT resources by simplifying the IT network allowing greater production by having fewer resources.

Server virtualization

Virtualization allows you to solve any problems of overcrowding and proliferation of physical servers

Indeed, a virtualized server would allow multiple operating systems to run on a single physical server in the form of virtual machines, each with access to the processing resources of the underlying server.

The further step is to put together a cluster of servers forming a single consolidated resource, which allows, on the one hand, an overall improvement in the degree of efficiency and, on the other, a significant reduction in costs. In addition, a server virtualization system allows you to speed up the distribution of workloads, improve application performance and increase availability.

Server virtualization technology is now known to the majority of companies that, in small steps and to a still very small extent, are beginning to understand its usefulness.

Desktop virtualization

The next epochal turning point in technological environments will be desktop virtualization known as client virtualization. But what does desktop virtualization consist of? Obviously it means eliminating the physical component, necessary to physically carry out the operations, but above all virtualizing the operating system (and its applications) on a VM executable on a server, or cluster of servers.
Il principale vantaggio di questa tecnologia consiste nella possibilità di gestire una moltitudine di desktop virtuali per ogni server, e di conseguenza, la capacità di poter sfruttare tutta la potenza di calcolo del server da ogni postazione di lavoro, diventata solamente un mezzo per connettersi al cuore generale di calcolo.

The main advantage of this technology consists in the possibility of managing a multitude of virtual desktops for each server, and consequently the ability to be able to exploit all the computing power of the server from every workstation, which has become only a means of connecting to the general core of calculation

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