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Baltur Spa
The guarantee of a business continuity service



BALTUR choose the service formula using the operating lease

Baltur Spa
Customer: Baltur Spa
Realization: March 2018
Services: Business continuity

The integration of DATACORE in a traditional environment and subsequent migration through a business continuity system​

The project developed in two phases. In the first place, we wanted to verify the effectiveness of DATACORE in guaranteeing service continuity of the ERP system. Followin this, having proven the optimal test result, DataCore technology was extended to the entire company information system, effectively replacing the single traditional storage (single point of failure). 
Through this process, the business continuity of the information system was initially achieved on site (soon we will also deal with the possible geographical distribution of the nodes on two different datacenters).
3CiME Technology has developed the project by supplying all hardware and software components according to the operating rental formula. Therefore, the customer benefits of a 360-degree managed service, both at the first installation level and at the assistance service level, not only on software components, but also on hardware components included in the design perimeter.

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Installation and configuration of the new Business Continuity environment based on DataCore technology

Datacore is a leader in software-defined storage, and has proven technologies that, together with the expertise, knowledge and resources of 3CiME Technology, have been made available to the customer for the creation of the new Busieness Continuity environment.
DataCore software-defined storage allows organizations to easily manage and scalare data storage architectures, with huge performance improvements offered at a fraction of the cost of hardware vendor storage solutions owned by other vendors.

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