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Who we are

3CiME Technology is a young and dynamic staff based in Bologna and is active in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by developing solutions and IT infrastructures.

Where do we think special?

"In the passion for the technology that is unstoppable, being always prepared to give answers, in wanting to continue to maintain high standards. Do not ever want to stop !!! "

Our values

It may seem obvious, but saying thank you never is. Perhaps if we learned to say thank you again we could relaunch our country and give a future to our society.
Personally we are tired, like everyone else, of politicians who only know how to fight and do not find wealth in the other to build together.
Instead we want to be a different company, because the sharing economy, which is the model we are inspired by, teaches us a few things:
  1. To consider the brothers of the brothers, brothers with whom to share the journey of working life and beyond;
  2. To consider the customers of people, people to whom we can give value and from whom we are considered value suppliers and not subject to squeeze for a momentary advantage: how this translates concretely? Starting mutually from the assumption that "I am not always right and you are not always wrong.”;
  3. To offer a work environment, physical and psychological, where you are well;
  4. To consider the economy as a terrain for all and from which all must achieve improvements in their living conditions, and not a source of wealth for the few.
You know, these concepts can also be lived in computer science, and I take back what we wrote in Christmas greetings 2017: "We do not ship Christmas trees or various balls: to those we meet we offer a small gadget as a sign of sharing. Yes, perhaps because if we were able to live for once a sharing economy, or a social economy capable of uniting and not exploiting, the world could start building peace again. There is no peace without justice. We try, with our mistakes, with our weaknesses, we strive to build a business model that creates human relationships, which improves the lives of everyone and not just some. Sometimes we are disliked by some suppliers, too "American" to understand, sometimes this model is not understood by customers, also because of us. But believe us, let's try! Only from an economy capable of building communion and relationships between women and men will we give our children a better future and a more peaceful life for ourselves. "
ICT in this context is crucial because today new technologies make those who follow change become rich and those who resist change are poor. We try to help you innovate and ride change, not suffer it.
In this context, however, we must always try to be the best to offer the best to our customers. So where are we going? We give you some titles.
  • Security: anti ransomware and data encryption. They can no longer be delayed
  • Periodic ethical hacking to verify the level of corporate security
  • Data storage: data is always more and cannot be all online. Whether they are files or e-mail. I quote a consolidated partnership with Barracuda and a new collaboration with QStar with which we have in delivery a project for storing a 1PB file system of data on Object Storage technology supplied by us
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • IAAS: last year a Venetian company of 6500 employees entrusted us with the management of its datacenter
  • Data backup and managed backup
  • Remote backup, disaster recovery and encryption on laptops and computers for small and large organizations that want to support our ISO 27001 and 20000-1 certified datacenter
  • IP telephony
  • Secure and definitive deletion of data
With that, good work and we hope to see you again at every anniversary to celebrate together again, with a better life for everyone, even for the last!
We would like to finish with a sentence by Serge Kampf, founder of the CAP Gemini group in 1967: "In business it is like in love, the important thing is to love, love one's collaborators, love one's customers".
Let's try it, thanks.



People with the passion for technology

Giuseppe Mazzoli


Federico Rapido

Sales Account

Fabio Gheri

Sales Support

Massimiliano Iannarone

Sales Account

Maria De Giorgio

Staff Management & Marketing

Fatma Bel Haj

Staff Management & Marketing

Massimliano Ghirardi

Technical Support Manager

Alessandro Albertazzi

Application Delivery & Virtualization Manager

Gianluca Chow

Technical Support & Help Desk Expert

Vincenzo Borsatti

Technical Support

Juljan Fetahu

Technical Support

Tanya Matkovska

Finance Manager

Stefano Salvadori

Technical Support Manager CED Appalto Insourcing Provincia di Brescia

Gem Kazazi

Help Desk Manager CED Appalto Insourcing Provincia di Brescia

Nicola Mauri

DBA Manager CED Appalto Insourcing Provincia di Brescia

Walter Wratschko

IT Agent in Austria, Slovenia e Trieste


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