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Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli
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The business continuity achieved with storage virtualization technologies


The continuity of operation at the Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli thanks to Datacore technology

Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli
Customer: Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli
Realization: November 2012
Services: Business continuity

Full Datacore SAN storage virtualization with 60 TB in high reliability. Reinstalling and reengineering of the vmware virtual farm

Business continuity is an essential measure for the productivity of a company, which cannot be neglected. In fact, no one can afford to block operations; on the contrary, it must take care to guarantee it through appropriate interventions. From this premise the services for Business Continuity of 3CiME Technology for the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute are developed: complete virtualization of storage SAN (Storage Area Network), based on DataCore technology with 60 TB in high reliability, reinstallation and re-engineering of the VMware virtual farm .

The service for Business Continuity takes shape from 2011; after considering the available options, the decision was taken to adopt the DataCore solution. Thus the purchase procedures were started, with the awards taking place at the beginning of 2012. The DataCore solution was installed in May 2012 and the first migration was made in June.

The engine rooms are located in two separate buildings at a distance of 400 m, each with an electric power supply and separate UPS (as a hospital they are also equipped with generating sets that intervene in 10-15 seconds in the event of a blackout, to safeguard the Business Continuity system).

The network was redundant with 2 star centers in the two engine rooms; all the peripheral network devices have a connection with both star centers, so as to always guarantee Business Continuity.

Furthermore, a distributed SAN with two DataCore San Simphony V nodes was created, one for each engine room. The SAN provides storage for the following servers, distributed over the two machine rooms and I-SCSI (Internet Small Computer Systems Interface) connected:
  • A cluster of two Oracle RAC nodes on IBM xseries servers and Oracle enterprise linux operating system.
  • A cluster of three VMware 5.0 nodes, on IBM xseries hardware, on which 45 virtual machines are hosted.
The choice of hardware was made freely by the customer (who had expressly asked for "freedom of choice", and this is what they obtained) which, with the DataCore solution, was able to bring down the chains of dependence on a hardware supplier, as well as ensuring the best Business Continuity services.

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Installation and configuration of the new Business Continuity environment based on DataCore technology

Datacore is a leader in software-defined storage, and has proven technologies that, together with the expertise, knowledge and resources of 3CiME Technology, have been made available to the customer for the creation of the new Busieness Continuity environment.
DataCore software-defined storage allows organizations to easily manage and scalare data storage architectures, with huge performance improvements offered at a fraction of the cost of hardware vendor storage solutions owned by other vendors.
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