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Comune di Bologna
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A data center revolutionized by DATACORE technology

Comune di Bologna
Customer: Comune di Bologna
Realization: November 2016
Services: Data backup services, Business continuity, Disaster recovery

Virtual SAN mirrored two metropolitan sites based on Datacore technology to support migration of the VMware environment to the new metropolitan cluster and storage architecture.

"DataCore is the solution that has brilliantly solved our needs, we have avoided the purchase of expensive Hardware, gaining more flexibility and excellent performance" - Stefano Mineo, Infrastructure Services Unit of the Municipality of Bologna about the new Business Continuity services designed by 3CiME Technology.

The solution in question envisages a virtual SAN mirrored on two metropolitan sites based on DataCore technology, support for the migration of the VMware environment, to the new architecture of storage and metropolitan clusters. In summary, the 3CiME Technology Business Continuity consultancy for the Municipality of Bologna is developed based on 3 objectives identified by the customer:
  • Guarantee Business Continuity;
  • Increase the power of the technological platform, including the replacement of HW at the end of their life cycle, to manage new IT services, together with a substantial increase in performance to be able to obtain rapid responses;
  • Cost containment.
Why did the 3CiME Technology Business Continuity consultancy select DataCore? It is a real leader in the field of software-defined storage: it has proven technologies, which together with the skills, knowledge and resources of 3CiME Technology have been put at the customer's service for the realization of the new systems for Business Continuity.

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The video of the interview with Dr. Stefano Mineo, Director of Infrastructure Services Unit of the Municipality of Bologna

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Installation and configuration of the new Business Continuity environment based on DataCore technology

Datacore is a leader in software-defined storage, and has proven technologies that, together with the expertise, knowledge and resources of 3CiME Technology, have been made available to the customer for the creation of the new Busieness Continuity environment.
DataCore software-defined storage allows organizations to easily manage and scalare data storage architectures, with huge performance improvements offered at a fraction of the cost of hardware vendor storage solutions owned by other vendors.

Installation and configuration of the new backup and disaster recovery environment based on Commvault technology

We have reingenierized, thanks to the Commvualt technology, the entire backup system of the City of Bologna, also introducing a disaster recovery solution. Today, thanks to our realization, the customer makes a copy of his local data, but also a copy of the Lepdia DC, which can also provide the virtual resident for the machine restart.
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You will find more details about the proper configuration of a VIRTUAL SAN system with DATACORE technology

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