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Città Metropolitana di Bologna
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The first steps to face up to GDPR

Città Metropolitana di Bologna
Customer: Città Metropolitana di Bologna
Realization: November 2017
Services: Adjustment GDPR


The METROPOLITAN CITY OF BOLOGNA begins the journey with GDPR 3CiME Technology
The approach to GDPR outlined by 3CiME Technology involves 5 phases
  1. Initial Check: The preliminary passage of the GDPR consulting service planned by 3CiME Technology. It is the study phase focused on the customer, on the status of the General Data Protection Regulation adaptation work, up to the identification of the measures to be implemented.
  2. Training and training: This is a necessary step. The staff of each company must be informed about the changes introduced by the new GDPR privacy regulation.
  3. Assessment: It is divided into: a) legal assessment; b) technological assessment. The assessment activity involves an integrated, technical and legal screening of one of our teams (composed of consultants with many years of experience) whose objective is to verify the compliance of the Entity in the application of the legislation and of the GDPR legislation. The Assessment is also an effective tool for assessing any areas of improvement, both operational and productive, if integrated with funding opportunities for research and for the development of products with low environmental impact
  4. Gap Analisys: It is divided into: a) legal gap analysis; b) technological gap analysis. It is a tool used to identify and develop business objectives; it also allows to analyze the current situation and govern the process of transition to the desired condition.
  5. Remediation: It is the operation to make the entire process organic and secure once the identified vulnerabilities have been identified and corrected.

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You will find further details on the role of the Data Protection Officer figure introduced with the new European regulation

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