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Business continuity

Business Continuity Plan, Business Continuity Management, Business Continuity Solution, Business Continuity Software - all are web searches. Amidst so much confusion about those who confuse disaster recovery and business continuity.

Organizations base their entire work and business on ICT, and in particular on IT business continuity. Stay afloat! 3CiME helps customers in building business continuity solutions or in implementing a business continuity service, such as writing an ICT business continuity plan: why it is no longer the case that management becomes aware of infrastructure personnel only when things do not go ...

And the need for investment is in business continuity & disaster recovery: they are two different things and they have to deal with them.


3CiME Technology is a close partner to the customer for the interpretation of the GDPR

We can stand a few hours!

Business continuity is a substantial cost savings: machines stop and break, but organizations must be able to work with 99.999%. Operational non-continuity involves not only a loss of work but also a risk of data loss and corruption. And then when it stops, you find that you can not stand still

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True Business Continuity is not a simple storage

Many organizations think they are in place with redundant storage. But if the current goes away? We are no longer in business continuity. The real solution is the double site, campus or cloud depending on availability

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3CiME Technology collaborates by years with Partners to to ensure operational continuity by designing virtual and traditional mirroring storage systems
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Comune di Bologna
Rebuilding the heart of the Data Center
Success story
Gruppo Concorde
The strategic choice of operational continuity

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