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Climbing Courses of Polisportiva Giovanni Masi

Climbing Courses of Polisportiva Giovanni Masi

3CiME & Polisportiva Giovanni Masi, not only Supplier & Customer but PARTNERS OF CLIMBING!

For the 3CiME team, sport means a lot, both for the body and above all for the mind!Let's stay active ... !!! And that's why we decided to make small sponsorship at Polisportiva Giovanni Masi's initiative on climbing courses!

... but we have always argued that:
ICT is often a mountain to climb, impossible walls: yet many do.
But not alone.
The rope is the only way to get safe.
We are with you.


Polisportiva offers a wide range of sports climbing courses for children and young people (from 6 years of age) and for adults (aged 18)Courses are mono and bi-weekly, held by qualified F.A.S.I instructors. (Italian Football Climbing Federation). The activity takes place at the Salvemini gyms, via Pertini and at Gimi Sport Club in via Allende in Casalecchio di Reno (BO).All courses and activities are held from October to May and for information on registration, as well as days and hours, you can consult the website, write to or call the secretaries of Polisportiva Giovanni Masi starting on 1 September 2017.Secretariat Office via Bixio 12 - Casalecchio di Reno - T. 051/571352Email: - website: www.polmasi.itGIMI SPORT CLUB Secretariat via Allende 5 - Casalecchio di Reno - T. 051/578423Email: - website:


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