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3CiME Technology in the volume of 100 Italian excellences

3CiME Technology in the volume of 100 Italian excellences

3CiME Technology "Special Mention" at the 100th Italian Excellence event - IV Edition

The book 100 Eccellenze Italiane intends to pursue an end whose nobility is manifest: to exalt what Italy is able to offer. Excellence, in Italy, is a dimension of Identity, almost an element present in DNA. This has been determining over the centuries, thanks to the persistence of the extraordinary "Genius Loci" of which the Peninsula is scattered. Diversity that finds in the territory an unrepeatable and unique expression in the world of the most diverse testimonies of beauty production. It is an innate attitude, which often acts unconsciously.

In the pages dedicated to the Gallery of Excellencies it is possible to embark on a journey to discover a rich harvest of rigorously Italian productive realities, which have shown that they know how to talk about themselves in terms of appreciation and satisfaction on the part of the most stringent examiners, the users endings of a service, the buyers of a product, those who trust a brand rather than another allow the virtuous growth of the manufacturing and commercial sector, be it craft or industrial.

Italian excellence manifests itself in every sector. Starting from clothing, in all its manifestations: production of leathers, yarns, fabrics, accessories necessary to personalize and make unique each tailor-made creation for both women and men. The passion for the 'tailor made' also embraces the car sector, where personalization has reached levels previously unthinkable. And we proceed with the sector of taste that concerns the production of food and drinks, especially cold cuts, cheeses, EVO oil, wines, spirits and craft beers.

Looking for solutions that meet the requirements of comfort is the mission of the companies involved in the home design sector: from the choice of construction materials to bathroom furnishings; from the production of ecological paints and windows to fine upholstery, sofas and furnishing accessories; from the soundproofing of the rooms to the ventilation and energy efficiency systems; without forgetting the appliances designed to work in perfect synergy under the control of the most advanced home automation systems. Stimulating the curiosity of young people through cultural promotion is a profitable investment that can be implemented through the film and publishing industries, through exhibitions in museums and art galleries as well as musical concerts.

Equally important and formative is the approach to the "ancient knowledge", to the artisan skills that give shape to real gems of the Italian manufacturing tradition. Alongside artisanal production, processes such as laser micro-processing, plastic and non-plastic molding, processing and distribution of chemical and petroleum products, production of carbon components, machinery for industry, tires, accessories for the automotive sector, of special alloys, aluminum foil and sheet metal are placed in support of the most diverse industrial sectors in which similar elements can be used. Many Italian industrial companies have effectively implemented policies for the reconversion of polluting materials and today there are several start-ups also in the field of ecology or which develop new forms of energy production, such as wind and solar plants, or still using renewable resources. , like biogas converted into biomethane.

Health care is also one of the categories of services to which the community addresses itself, waiting for effective responses in terms of receptivity to hospitals, emergency management, disease prevention and treatment. The work of the police forces, both public and private, together with the Armed Forces, daily gives substance to the need for widespread serenity, to which many companies develop sophisticated systems placed at the service of Defense, from radars to electronic communication systems, up to the development of weapons. From luxury hotels on mountain peaks to resorts nestled on the coasts of the hottest destinations, from luxury apartments in the heart of the historic centers of the most beautiful cities to charming Bed & Breakfasts, the watchword is 'customer care', the satisfaction of his desires. For this to happen with certainty of results, infrastructures and services are needed that contribute to obtaining the appreciation of users, from the correct functioning of the airports, to the growth of rail transport.

And again, building and maintaining the ski lifts used by lovers of winter sports according to high quality standards; guarantee the possibility of mooring and assistance for boats in marinas; managing cruise ship flows; set up areas for motorhome parking or for two-wheel lovers; coordinate activities related to the organization of the most diverse fair events. In fact, Italy must and can continue to produce wealth starting from its culture, a real catalyst for investments managed by financial intermediaries or large banking institutions that play an important role in supporting the arts, a heritage that should be assured 'like the most common goods, although it is impossible to quantify the value of pure beauty.

This large production is the key that determines a high-value economy that we define with the term of Italian Excellence. By virtue of this vision we wanted to give an irrefutable concreteness to the theme, measuring the added value that acting our attitude to Beauty brings to Italian GDP.

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