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3CiME Technology at the 100 Italian Excellence event

3CiME Technology at the 100 Italian Excellence event

3CiME Technology "Special Mention" at the 100th Italian Excellence event - IV Edition

The history of the Italian Republic has been written over the years thanks to the commitment and sacrifice of those who have believed in the depths of their being in the values ​​of belonging, ideal and cultural identity or, to put it in one word, in the so-called values of 'homeland'. The places of the institutions still maintain intact the aura of sacredness deriving from having been chosen as the scene of significant moments of that history. One of them is the Sala della Lupa in Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, an environment in which the result of the referendum of June 2, 1946 was proclaimed, and just this November 29th will be the 100th Italian Excellencies Prize, at the same time as the presentation of the homonymous volume, published by Riccardo Dell'Anna under the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, now in its fourth edition. The choice to combine the celebration of the best the country has to offer with a location of such remarkable value is therefore not casual precisely because the publisher Dell'Anna has made Italianness a distinctive mark of the publications published in recent years . Identifying and publicly recognizing the merits of those who, through their work, allow Italy to be considered synonymous with excellence in the world is a virtuous practice as well as concrete, and legitimate, a source of national pride. It is also known that Made in Italy is everywhere recognized as a guarantee of know-how, artisan tradition and, consequently, superior quality able to conquer the markets. This excellence is not only expressed in the creation of artifacts of the most diverse types but also, and perhaps above all, in the ability to untiringly reach new goals both in the field of research and experimentation, as well as in scientific, technical and industrial terms. A book is always an object of value in itself, but a book that brings together the stories of so many worthy characters and companies is also meant to be something different, a magnifying glass, a veritable sounding board for the successes gathered by the Italians who invest in their dreams and aspirations to achieve a well-shared well-being. However, celebrating the excellence of Italy does not mean closing our eyes to what is still to be improved, on the contrary it is a propitious occasion to promote a virtuous movement of emulation that aims to make a truly unique country grow more and more its kind. The president of the Court of Auditors, dott., Will intervene during the works, coordinated by the journalist Alda D’Eusanio Angelo Buscema, president of the Committee of Honor, and some other members of the committee who supervised the selection of personalities and companies that were the protagonists of the award ceremony for the symbolic recognition of excellence, the ‘Pigna d’Onore’ made in Lecce stone. Interventions are expected from distinguished representatives of institutions such as Roberto Alesse, director of general affairs and personnel of the Ministry of the Environment; the diplomatic adviser at the Ministry of Justice Natalia Quintavalle; the president of the Superior Council of Public Works Massimo Sessa and the central director of the Specialties of the State Police Roberto Sgalla. Maria Bianca Farina, president of ANIA, will represent the environments of finance and businesses; the general director of Federturismo, Antonio Barreca and Rossana Zambelli, director of the National Farmers Confederation; while for the world of culture and entertainment the well-known conductor Peppe Vessicchio will speak. As already happened on the occasion of the previous editions, the 100 Italian Excellencies event intends to reward the multifaceted qualities of people and companies, gathered in well-defined categories, which have distinguished themselves by initiative, skill, study, competence and innovation in the most disparate fields of application . From the Armed Forces to the judiciary; from medical-scientific research to the sectors of economics, finance and business; from the environmental sector to that of public utility services; from communication to journalism; from sport to entertainment; from fashionable music; from food and wine excellence to design and craft production; from the industrial sector to electronics; from the production of the most diverse accessories to real estate, passing through the most revolutionary start-ups, the volume really brings together a rich collection of stories worthy of the most admired attention. The gallery of excellences focused by Riccardo Dell'Anna and his collaborators are part of a gallery of personalities grouped together in the section of the book dedicated to the 'Honorable Mentions', that is to those people who of the progress of the nation they have done a mission to complete, each in his own field, but with only one possible result: success. The same spirit informs the activities of the companies gathered in another section, called ‘Special Mentions’. A gallery dedicated to those entrepreneurial realities that, in supplying the most varied goods and services, do not accept compromises on quality, elected as a distinctive sign of their brand. Certainly the event scheduled for November 29 in Rome will be a precious occasion to remember how often this country, despite often going through difficult times, is able to recover and nurture hopes for the future of the new generations. At the end of the work, the winners and guests of the evening will be welcomed at the historic Circolo Antico Tiro a Volo, where they will continue to share the joy and pride of belonging to the most beautiful country in the world, Italy.

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