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I work at home, and you?
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Smart Working

“Let's keep the distance today to embrace each other more warmly, to run faster tomorrow. All together we will make it. "
With these words ended the statements of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, on March 9th.
And it is from here that we decided to start again, putting all our experience and expertise into play in this moment that sees us united to fight a common enemy.
Furthermore, this is the reason why it seemed appropriate to inform us about the value of Smart Working and the related technologies and tools, but also the critical issues connected to smart working.
The Ministry of Labor and Social Policies defines Smart Working as: "a modality of execution of the subordinate employment relationship characterized by the absence of hourly or spatial constraints and by an organization by phases, cycles and objectives, established by agreement between the employee and employer; a method that helps the worker to reconcile life and work times and, at the same time, encourage the growth of his productivity ".
Many people believe that working from home simply means having a laptop and an internet connection available, but this is not completely true. Smart Working represents a real organizational model within which each of us, from home, has the opportunity to use confidential documents, sensitive data and intellectual property.
It is clear that, once again, particular attention must be paid to IT security, on which 3CiME has always worked and for which is recognized as one of the main European players. The article "3CiME Technology: A Holistic Approach to Data Security" in the CIO Applications Europe magazine is a demonstration of this.
In short, the emergency we are experiencing faces us with a further challenge, that is, the one represented by the evolution of work.
Smart Working is proving to be extremely important not only to overcome a temporary difficulty, but also to demonstrate how a more flexible organizational model can be much more convenient for a company's business; without forgetting the benefits that would derive from the reduction of travel and the consequent less impact on the environment.
Finally, a more flexible and less articulated job could permit each employee to manage work-time and family in a more balanced way.
I work from home, and you?

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