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Reduce the cost of managing your IT infrastructure thanks to the hyperconvergent solution from 3CiME Technology

Hyperconvergence: what it is and why implement it

Times change and procedures change accordingly. In the case of computer science this assumption is particularly true, being an extremely "liquid" and mutant field. At one time there was talk of integration between IT systems, a concept that gradually gave way to its natural upgrade, that of hyperconvergence. But what exactly does this term mean?

A hyperconvergent system (HCI) consists of a virtualized environment, pre-configured and complete, composed of a software-centric IT infrastructure that incorporates computing, storage and virtualization resources in a single device, called appliance. In other words, it is a last generation IT as a service, and the main new aspect compared to the past is that the adoption of a hyperconvergent system implies that, in hyperconvergent data centers, support is provided by a single provider . Practically manna from heaven given the times they run; today it is in fact unthinkable to have to manage a set of resources in a decentralized way, considering the vastness of environments / resources to look after.

Thanks to the software defined storage technologies adopted by 3CiME Technology in the construction of hyperconvergent infrastructures, it is possible for Costumers to achieve business continuty objectives both on campus and remotely by distributing hyperconvergent appliances on sites far from each other.

How does a hyperconvergent system work?

The starting point for being able to better perceive the goodness of a hyperconvergent infrastructure is the concept of smart software, or intelligent software, thanks to which it is possible to control the entire IT infrastructure on a single central node, the appliance. A single controller capable of governing the totality of the environment: this is the reason why we talk about smart software, a program capable of rationalizing the entire process.

The practicality and efficiency of hyperconvergence consists precisely in the extraordinary streamlining of the process, as well as in the ability to condense the whole model into a single management software.

A storage virtualization software that thanks to its functionalities allows a synchronous writing (mirroring) between two or more hyperconvergent nodes satisfying the business continuity model sought by the customers.​

Hyperconvergence: advantages

The hyperconvergent systems offer the undoubted advantage of simplifying and optimizing the IT infrastructure management process, regardless of the type of architecture and the degree of complexity of the same.

In general, a series of advantages deriving from the adoption of a hyperconvergent IT solution can be included:
  • Fast implementation;
  • Scalability;
  • Easy management;
  • A unique support;
  • Optimized performance.
  • The only investment to satisfy more needs (high availability, business continuity, disaster recovery,ecc..)
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