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The concept of computer security can be defined as the set of measures (of an organizational, managerial and technological nature) designed to guarantee user authentication, the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information and services provided in a manner digital. For this reason, we at 3CiME Technology believe it is essential to secure the company's IT systems.

Today, in fact, no company can afford to consider corporate IT security as an optional! We need to overcome this anachronistic vision, as securing the company's IT infrastructure is an absolute priority.

From the point of view of the new European regulation on privacy (GDPR), the concept of computer security has taken on an even more central meaning in light of the increasingly growing attacks and computer-related incidents, which suggest a worrying tendency to the growth of the phenomenon of cyberattacks.

Furthermore, the implementation of a corporate IT security plan has relatively low costs. Many require authority safety certifications such as ISO 27001 for business needs; however, too often we find ourselves forced to pay a computer security expert or consultant handsomely to entrust the management.

At 3CiME Technology, we start with a technical IT security assessment (ethical hacking) and an organizational security assessment (IT security document - DPIA), to work side by side with the client to draw up a manual for IT security and a holistic approach, which concerns not only perimeter security, but the real data protection. In essence, we aim to design highly reliable IT security solutions for the protection of corporate computer networks.

For this to happen we have designed an IT security plan based on the needs of our client. Starting from a universal benchmark: the quality of the computer security products and software used.

Our computer security service, using state-of-the-art technology, is able to instantly detect the presence of malicious code on the customer's LAN, blocking its execution as soon as possible. Control does not take place, like most products on the market, based on comparison with existing or known malicious codes (the so-called signatures), but analyzing suspicious behavior on the network in real time and limiting false positives to the maximum.


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3CiME Technology collaborates by years with Partners to provide customers solutions of perimeter and whole security
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