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General data protection regulation

Your company is in line with the new European Data Privacy Policy.

What is the GDPR?


The GDPR General Data Protection Regulation, short on GDPR regulation, which comes into force on 25 May 2018, is a real revolution.
Meanwhile, it should be clarified that there is no Italian GDPR, but only an EU GDPR, albeit accompanied by Italian guidelines.

There are many questions that organizations are posing:

  • GDPR what to do?
  • GDPR what changes?
  • GDPR in summary
  • GDPR privacy: but is this still privacy?
  • I would like to have a GDPR software to figure out what to do
  • GDPR Sanctions: But Are They True?

We believe that this novelty introduced by GDPR legislation should always be seen as an opportunity rather than as a threat.
Security and privacy must always be important, not just when they touch us.

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Discover the GDPR with a quick and complete guide

The first free Italian guide that helps you find out all you need to know about the new European law!


3CiME Technology is a close partner to the customer for the interpretation of the GDPR

What to do to comply with the law?

The GDPR imposes a different approach to data protection, bypassing the logic of the "indispensable minimum" by requiring organizations to be proactive in the application of appropriate and appropriate measures as they will be called upon to demonstrate their application in case of a breach of the law in accordance with the new principle of accountability.

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What changes?

The new GDPR Regulation contains, along with some confirmations of already known elements in the field of personal data protection, many novelties: the principle of accountability, the new parameters related to privacy by design and privacy by default, the registers of treatment for the holders , the DPIA, the new rules on data breach, the DPO figure.

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Is it just Privacy?

The GDPR regulates the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. It is not just privacy but more protective of the entire data management ecosystem, opening up a truly unprecedented step in the protection of personal data.

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What sanctions are there?

There is an increase in risks and responsibilities, whether civil (it is a major responsibility for the damage caused as a result of the processing of personal data) and of an administrative and financial nature. Sanctions amount to up to € 20,000,000 or even up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover.

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3CiME Technology collaborates by years with the Orlandi & Partners Legal Firm to provide customers with certainty about the rules governing the ICT world and the steps to be taken to comply with laws
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