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Often ICT is a mountain to climb, impossible walls: yet many make it. But not alone.
The rope is the only way to get confident.
We walk together!!
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3CiME Technology is a company formed by a young and dynamic team which headquariter is located in Bologna, and Branch Offices are in Brescia and Austria

We provide Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions and develop projects of Business Contiuity and Disaster Recovery.
Where are we special?
"The irrepressible passion for technology, always being prepared to give answers, wanting to continue to maintain the highest standards. and never stopping innovation!!!"
How to reach us in Bologna
3CiME Technology Srl - Via di Corticella 89/2 40128 Bologna
Tel 051 4070383 Fax 051 4072152 PI e CF 02817851203 PEC 3cime@legalmail.it
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