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Often ICT is a mountain to climb, impossible walls: yet many make it. But not alone.
The rope is the only way to get confident.
We walk together!!
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Gruppo Ceramiche Atlas Concorde

Regione Emilia Romagna

Mediaset S.p.A.

Aeroporto della Malpensa (via Selex - Finmeccanica)

Banca di Bologna

Azienda Ospedaliera S. Orsola Malpighi
ASL di  Bologna

Tper Trasporto Passeggeri Emilia Romagna S.p.A.

Univeristà degli Studi di Bologna

Hera S.p.A

I.O.R. Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli

Provincia di Brescia

Lepida S.p.A.

Comune di Ravenna

ASL di Brescia

Sele Ascensori S.r.l.

Istituto Salesiano Bologna

P.E.I. S.p.A.

Copma S.c.r.l.

Project back-up and disaster recovery of all design drawings with Atempo technology and NAS Techus (data 80TB)
Samba server Migrating from Red Hat environment to SUSE Linux Enterprise
Sale and installation of new back-up system based on CommVault technology
Implementation of DR Disaster Recovery architecture
Supply of software Nagios XI to Publitalia '80 for the installation and implementation of the group's NOC
Environment Sophos antivirus, spam control, navigation and admin audit logging service

Project back-up and disaster recovery based on CommVault technology
Installing pilot project for the management of 1500 mobile devices (smartphones and tablet) with Citrix XenMobile MDM Enterprise Technology
Insourcing in datacenter management and monitoring
Centralize management of all network devices with Infoblox technology
Project HA high availability of Web services with Loadbalancer
Virtualization faxserver with Rightfax
Migration to latest release of VMware
Safety provided by Sophos products and Fortinet
Management of mobile devices based on MDM Citrix XenMobile Development of APP with graphometric Embedded signature
Framework agreement for the sale and installation of remote backup and disaster recovery services to members of Lepida SpA based on CommVault technology
Sale and installation-configuration Netapp storage
Sale, installation and Citrix farm configuration
Installation and configuration of the new backup environment and disaster recovery based on Alike technology;
New antivirus security system based on Sophos technology.
School with tablet project: SAN system, technology Wi-Fi-based Fortinet firewalls and tablet Samsung centralized management system
Acer Bologna
Business Continuity via Datacore's Huperconvergence and Backup Barracuda with Disaster Recovery in Cloud Datacenter in Frankfurt

Expert System S.p.A.

It's the company that develops the spelling checker for Microsoft Word for italian version. He asked 3CiME Technology to help them to reinstall their Windows Server-based network. It 'a reference that speaks for itself!

Manutencoop Facility Management

Fax service automation using Captaris Rightfax integrated with the e-mail system based on MS Exchange
Installation and Configuration FOIP service

Unione Savena-Idice

Security system applications with Sophos antivirus system. Admin Audit Service
Installation of the third node DataCore architecture in Loiano, aimed at disaster recovery


Storage system and virtualization based on VMware and Netapp for the italian installation

3CiME Technology Srl - Via di Corticella 89/2 40128 Bologna
Tel 051 4070383 Fax 051 4072152 PI e CF 02817851203 PEC
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