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Commvault Simpana advantages

Firstly we like to clarify that CommVault Simpana is the product of six years is placed at the top by Gartner, among backup products and DR disaster recovery.
Side shows the Gartner 2016 dial.
The reason for this recognition comes from the fundamental question that has arisen the founder: "Where are all the organization's data?" "In the back-up", he responded. So why not use them for anything other than the simple restore?

So let's do a more complete analysis about the features offered by 3CiME Technology Srl projects, in order to understand the economic benefits and management.
1. A unique solution for backup of virtual server environments, physical servers, and client (as a PC workstations)
2. A unique solution for disaster recovery of virtual server environments, physical servers, and client (as a PC workstations)
3. Agents included in the price for hot backup "on" or a live element systems, the Oracle database environments, MySQL and all application environments, AS / 400 included.
4. Restore single Oracle database table and storage.
5. End of back-up full: with CommVault, unlike competitive products, you do a single full backup, and all the rest are incremental: the consolidation of incremental you get the full for the restore. With competitors' products falling within the ranks of full weekends.
6. Source-side deduplication integrated, target, global and parallel (with integrated compression and encryption algorithms): the encryption is useful for those who want to keep open the possibility of making back-up in the cloud. Data Domain is now probably the best market deduplicatore, but has a problem: when it arrives at the limit of its ability the only solution is to replace it. In CommVault environment on the other hand this job is delegated to the agent media server, we offer that can be doubled, tripled, etc., but it grows the volume of the object of data deduplication and backup.
7. Backup and restore Phisycal to virtual, if you want to put in the disaster site also copying of physical machines
8. Automatic historical archive files License and mail "old", with release of the valuable disk space and expensive SAN
9. Indexing the contents of the backup to provide a search engine users on internal company files, according to Microsoft Active Directory Rights
10. Switching to "restore self service", for which the users with the "right" restorano files after they found through the search engine (indexing option).
11. Ability to offer users the versioning of files and versions: with the incremental backup, users can access all of the "earlier" versions of backed up files (depending on the set retemption, of course)
12. Access to secure enterprise file system, based on Active Directory rights, from tablets and phones to prevent unsafe and Dropbox for mobile access to data (requires a virtual machine to be created on the current VMware Infrastructure) ( indexing option).
13. Finally, for a possible disaster recovery in the cloud, the functionality of Restore cross-hypervisor, cross-platform (unlike hardware), P2V and V2P. Many datacenters fact build their datacenter Microsoft or H-V virtualization environment, what is probably the product of the future with regard to virtualization software. At the same time, the customer has the virtualization environment based on VMware. This highlights the need for saving virtual machines from the source, and restorarle for a fresh start, in case of disaster, Microsoft target environment: this feature has been made available, and tested, only by CommVault, in its product Simpana.
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